Become a Member of the Southern Ocean Rotary Club!

Interested individuals must be invited by a sponsoring club member. As a condition for acceptance individuals are expected to attend three club meetings with their sponsor before becoming a member.

Membership Qualifications

Prospective members of the Southern Ocean Rotary Club should:

  • Hold (or be retired from) a professional, proprietary, executive, or managerial position;
  • Agree to meet the club's participation expectations;
  • Be committed to high standards of integrity, fairness, tolerance and humanitarianism.

Expectations of Members

Membership in the Southern Ocean Rotary Club carries with it certain expectations of meaningful participation.

Members of the Southern Ocean Rotary Club, like all other Rotary clubs, are expected to attend their club's weekly meetings when they can, and there is a minimum expectation of 60% attendance. This includes making up missed meetings by attending the meeting of another Rotary club (locally or anywhere in the world), attending various other Rotary meetings, or attending a club service project authorized by the club's board of directors.

Members of the Southern Ocean Rotary Club are required to pay financial obligations of membership which include annual dues, lunch meetings, and charitable contributions, which average about $200 per quarter.

Rotarian members are expected to participate in local or international activities or projects of our club, and are encouraged to participate in one or more club committees.

Interested in becoming a Rotarian?

Contact us and send us a message to receive a reply providing you with information as to how to get started!